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"Managers care about data, evidence, our time and how we spend it. Leaders care about and invest in us, our potential, and our shared results and achievements."

- Elizabeth Griego

Elizabeth Griego works with selected associates to provide consulting in higher education - for individuals, programs, departments, divisions, colleges, and universities. She and her team lean on the expertise and wisdom that grow from working with diverse institutions over many years.



institutions undergoing accreditation review, including preparation for the visit; coaching for accreditation standards; in depth, critical assistance with writing and/or editing the self-study; and conducting practice interviews in preparation for the accreditation visit.

student affairs departments and divisions for program review, including providing structure and coaching for the review, alignment with CAS Standards, and editing the report. Additional options include training departments and divisions in how to conduct a program review and enhanced assessment of student learning, and serving as external program reviewer for departments and divisions.

institutions and organizations, to provide visioning and planning retreat facilitation.


student affairs divisions to conduct external reviews, that evaluate and improve staffing, resources, policies, organization and workflow.


individuals, including leadership coaching and job search strategizing.

The goals of Elizabeth Griego & Associates include:

  • Assisting clients in strategizing for clear vision and purpose

  • Developing stronger partnerships and working relationships

  • Improving focus on high impact practices and organizational approaches that deepen and expand student learning

  • Most important, achieving activated results

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